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A Moment in time
Massage Therapy
A Moment in time
Massage Therapy
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                         Swedish Therapeutic Massage - Gentle pressure
                   30 min. - $25.50          60 min. - $46.75
                     SEE SERVICES AND RATES BELOW
Massage Therapy
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Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Specializing in pain control and stress management as a lifetime of health and wellness.
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Ear Candling
This is a safe and painless procedure that has been shown to be effective in the removal of excessive ear wax and toxins. It can reduce the symptoms associated with sinus congestion, ringing of the ears, ear infections, headaches, migraines and hearing problems. the movement of smoke through the delicate ear canal may also obtain pressure relief. This procedure is not recommended for those with a perforated ear drum or with tubes in their ears.
 30 min. - $30  includes 2 candles - each additional
 candle $5               

Deep Muscle Therapy
A warm towel is placed on the back to open the pores. Prossage, a deep heating muscle ointment, is massaged into the back leaving a deep heating sensation. Another warm towel is then applied to the back with compressions. Biofreeze, a cooling gel, is then massaged into the neck, shoulders and back leaving you with a heating and cooling sensation for the rest of the day. This treatment is great for achy muscles. May also be applied to arms or legs.    $15

Sugar Foot Scrub
A warm towel is applied to the feet for cleansing. Peppermint, lavender sugar scrub is applied to the feet to exfoliate and moisturize. Another warm towel is applied to remove the sugar . A lavender butter cream is then applied to leave the feet feeling hydrated and super soft.   $15

Hot stones- Add to any area of the body to relieve tension and melt away stress.    $10
Trigger Point Therapy- Trigger points are found in a tight band of muscle tissue. Pressure is used to deactivate or relax muscle tension. You will experience stress leaving the body.    $10
Aromatherapy- Transform an ordinary massage into the extraordinary by significantly altering the senses and mood.   $10  
Scalp Massage- Wet tea tree treatment- this scalp spritzer is designed to clear the mind and leave you refreshed.     $10
Foot Spritzer- Mint and tea tree spray gently massaged into the feet. This service refreshes tired feet.     $10
Paraffin Treatment for the Hands or Feet- This soothing treatment will help relieve pain from arthritis and chronic joint inflammation in the hands or feet.     $10
Therapies include:
Swedish Therapeutic Massage -Gentle Pressure
This is a relaxing massage, a classic option. Long strokes to pull stress 
away from the body.
 30 min. - $35          60 min. - $55          90 min.- $90
Swedish Therapeutic Massage -Firm Pressure
This pressure allows tension to release from the muscle structures.
 30 min. - $40          60 min. - $65          90 min. - $105

Deep Tissue Massage
Various regiments of massage designed to reach deeper tissue structures. 
Perfect for those who prefer a stronger massage.
 30 min. - $45          60 min. - $75          90 min. - $115

Sports Massage
For the athlete to improve performance and assist 
with muscle recovery.    30 min -$45.    60 min -$80.
90 min -$125.

Pre & Post Natal Massage
Before and after Massage for expecting mothers.    60 min -$65.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage- Gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph system.  30 min $40.         60 min- $80

Head in the Clouds Massage - A popular choice
Clear your mind and relax with head, neck, back and shoulder massage.
 Gentle pressure    30 min. - $35          60 min. - $55.     
   Firm pressure  30 min. - $40.          60 min. - $65.  
Deep pressure   30 min. - $45.     60 min. - $75.  
Natural Hot Stone Massage
Healing touch, combined with natural hot stone therapy, unlocks tension deep within the muscles. Stress melts away and achieves total relaxation.
 30 min. - $40          60 min. - $75          90 min. - $115
The Sweet Escape Massage
This massage offers everything because you deserve it!  Includes: Scalp Massage, Hot Stones, Trigger Points, Aromatherapy, and a Hand Paraffin Treatment. Choose gentle or firm pressure.
30 min. - ---           60 min. - $105          90 min. - $160
Refreshing Mint Foot Massage
This homemade recipe leaves your feet feeling like you've been wading in a mountain stream.
30 min. - $30
Gift Certificate Special